MobiWork mForms

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Advanced Mobile Forms To Capture Critical Data From The Field

MobiWork mForms is a smartphone & cloud-based mobile forms solution that allows you to easily create, deploy, capture, export and analyse advanced mobile forms from anywhere and at anytime.

MobiWork mForms native applications are specifically built and optimized for smartphones & tablets:

  • - Optimized for smaller screen size, touch screen & virtual keyboards
  • - Unique data capture capabilities: location, image, bar code, QR-code, signature, biometric, proximity detection (wi-fi, beacons, RFID) ...
  • - Fast & responsive native applications that even work offline

MobiWork mForms powerful back-end allows you to easily:

  • - Create advanced forms (multiple panels, logic, sub-forms...) with powerful fields (images, signature, location, QR-code, products, customers...)
  • - Selectively deploy your forms to any group of users
  • - Define PDF renderers to convert any mobile form to any specific PDF document for printing, storage or email export ...
  • - Export your captured forms
  • - Visualize and analyze the data captured with insightfull & fully configurable dashboards & reports